Međunarodna suradnja

HDGT je suosnivač Europske mreže za analizu i teoriju glazbe EuroT&AM. Mreža je osnovana u Zagrebu 24. svibnja 2018.

Zajedno s još devet srodnih udruga, HDGT je suorganizator 10. Europske konferencije za analizu glazbe EuroMAC 10, održane na Državnome konzervatoriju P. I. Čajkovskoga u Moskvi od 20. do 26. rujna 2021.


Members of the EuroT&AM express their deep solidarity with researchers, students and the Ukrainian society as a whole, victims of the military intervention of Russia. The entrance of the Russian armed forces and the bombing of Ukraine remind of former dramas. Researchers must more than ever raise their voice to refuse making tools of history and of memory and to promote critical reason. In collaboration with Ukrainian researchers, we want to carry the word of human sciences against armed violence. We also support the courageous voices that try to be heard in Russia itself and we remain committed to maintain our relations with Russian colleagues and Russian members of the EuroT&AM.