Epistemologies of music analysis: What Theories, what Methods, for what Types of Music and in what Disciplinary and Cultural Contexts? Paris, 29. – 31. ožujka 2023.


The globalisation of culture has led to an unparalleled interaction between people, ideas and cultural production, including, of course, music. Such interconnectedness, enabled by digital technologies, has made us more aware of the broad range of music past and present around the world. In particular, it has forced music analysis — and musicology more generally — to open up to this diversity in order to understand it both from the inside and in relation to its socio-cultural, intellectual and historical environment. By looking at music in terms of both its diversity and unity, and by drawing on a wide range of analytical theories, methods, discourses and practices according to disciplinary and cultural contexts, this conference aims at finding analytical approaches that combine the global and the local within a shared and unified intellectual framework.

To achieve this aim, the conference builds on a network of national (represented countries: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Lebanon, Tunisia and the United States) and international (Epistemuse, IMS, T&AM) partner institutions, societies and organisations. Satellite events (workshops, discussion groups, seminars, conference cycles, round tables) are organised prior to the main event to prepare the epistemological discussion through case studies that foster inter-team dialogue.