Maja, Juraj i zlatna ribica / Dodatak za roditelje i učitelje / Partiture popijevaka

Autor: Tihomir Petrović

Naslovnica Maja, Juraj i zlatna ribica - dodatak

Urednica: Martina Belković • Recenzentice: Martina Belković, Alida Jakopanec, Gorana Vidnjević Fabijanić • Lektor: Josip Silić • Notografija: Tihomir Petrović • Grafički urednik: Slavko Križnjak • Zagreb: HDGT, 2012. (17 × 24 cm, 48 str., klamano)
Musician, do not anger! or Musician’s Ludo (in Croatian) – instructors’ scores
This is a set of nearly a dozen games based on knowledge about notes’ duration and pitch. Different games in the set are based on different playing boards. To play the game one only needs one or two normal six sided dice and the basic knowledge of music theory that children are able to master by the end of the second year of elementary music school, depending on the specific curriculum of their school. From this age onwards the knowledge about intervals, scales and chords can be practiced using the games included in the Musician’s Ludo set.